Introduction of rubber seal products and materials in automobile field


Automotive parts can not be separated from rubber, rubber seals products are widely used. - cars in addition to the most easily seen tire rubber products, other kinds of rubber seals material accessories structure, size and role. Dongsheng seals tell you that the average car of rubber parts up to-hundred, the number of 200 to 500, its rubber consumption can reach 60 kg. Rubber parts for automobiles account for more than 6% of the total cost of automobiles. Rubber parts for automobile use, except tires are big parts, other rubber products are small parts, but they are all installed on key parts, such as automobile engine, gearbox, axle and other parts need to use oil seal, but the rubber oil seal is the key to ensure the normal work of these parts, for the safety of the car, durable use escort, so that the rubber accessories can be called "functional cell" of the car.